Temporary Crowns

If you have recently been in to have your tooth prepared for a crown and the temporary crown has come out or it has broken please contact our practice to organize an appointment to have a new temporary crown made. It is important to contact us to make an appointment as soon as possible.  It is not an after hours emergency.  Leaving the tooth uncovered too long can be a risk to the tooth nerve or affect the fit of the final crown. Please call us ASAP in business hours.  If your temporary crown is still in one piece please bring this along to your appointment.

Permanent Crown

If an old crown has fallen out or feels loose please contact our practice as soon as possible to organize an appointment. Leaving the tooth uncovered can risk re- infection of a root canal treated tooth, irritate the tooth,  and other teeth may drift affecting the re-fit of the crown.  Crowns can become loose and fall out for many reason and it can sometimes be due to a problem underneath the crown such as decay or root fracture so it is important to have the tooth assessed at the first sign of a problem.