If the person has been knocked unconscious for any period of time go to the hospital emergency department or call an ambulance.

If an adult tooth has been knocked out

Trying to get the tooth back into place within a couple of minutes is the best option:

  1. If possible rinse the tooth with clean water.
  2. Immediately place the tooth back into the socket (even if it has not been rinsed). Do not force the tooth but biting against some cloth may help. If you can not place the tooth back in the socket keep moist with saliva or milk only.
  3. Immediately contact your dentist.
  4. Keep biting down gently on clean gauze or a hankie to help control any bleeding.

If a tooth has been broken or chipped

  1. If you still have the piece of tooth rinse it with clean water.
  2. Keep the fragments moist in saliva or milk only and bring to your appointment.
  3. Immediately contact your dentist.
  4. Biting down gently on clean gauze or a hankie will help control any bleeding

Your child has fallen and knocked their mouth

Dental treatment should still be sought even if appears to you the teeth have not been damaged. Your dentist will be able to assess if the teeth have been displaced or even if there has been a break or fracture in the jaw bone. Please call your dentist immediately.