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Laser Teeth Whitening dentisit in Brisbane

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Nundah Village Dental now offers laser teeth whitening, the most advanced technique available offering an immediate effect for whiter brighter teeth.  Dr Raghed Bashour likes to use multiple technologies in Dentistry like CAD/CAM CEREC (same day crowns), dental lasers, Digital Smile Design and digital implant planning.

He has completed over 1,500 veneer cases at Liberty Dental Clinic for patients who previously would travel from all over the world to seek treatment. He also has extensive experience in laser dentistry, and delivered lectures in both Laser and Aesthetic Dentistry in Dubai.

How Does Laser Teeth Whitening Work?

The use of a laser can achieve a deeper penetration of the whitening action.  Most other traditional ‘dental light’ in house methods that do not use a true Laser but instead use LED lights activate an acidic gel.

This acid can damage tooth enamel and the heat from the lights leading to more sensitivity and discomfort.  Because a true laser is faster, and doesn’t heat as it penetrates the tooth, it uses less acidic gels resulting in no damage to the tooth enamel and patients usually experience no or minimal sensitivity.  It also gives an immediate result allowing you to leave the office with a whiter brighter smile!

An initial exam of your teeth is essential.  Most tooth discolouration can be treated with laser teeth whitening. Teeth can discolour due to staining from food, smoking, acidic drinks, or defects in the tooth enamel.

Not all teeth are suitable for this procedure however, and things like existing fillings, veneers and crowns cannot be whitened.  Professional cleaning may be required to remove external stains, calculus, and chalky deposits from the tooth surfaces.

The process of teeth whitening requires proper isolation of the gums. After that is achieved, a whitening gel is applied onto the teeth and activated by the Laser. The results are instant.

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