CEREC same day crowns

CEREC is the latest technology designed to accurately restore your tooth with long lasting tooth coloured ceramic in a single visit.


Traditional fillings placed directly in the mouth are plastic and it can be difficult to make a perfectly smooth and well-shaped restoration of your tooth.  Larger fillings inevitably end up with weaknesses, voids, bubbles or overhanging margins that are difficult to clean and can be at further risk of decay, fracture, and tooth failure over time.  To overcome this, and especially for weak and extensively damaged teeth, your dentist would typically recommend a crown or ‘indirect restoration’.  This is when a stronger material such as gold or ceramic is made into a tooth replacement outside of the mouth after taking an impression or mold of your tooth.

CEREC technology allows us to deliver a seamless dental experience in four simple steps.  First, we capture an image of the area to be treated with an intraoral scanner.  Then a 3D model of your teeth and your new restoration is immediately created on the computer.


In-house production: your resoration is then quickly milled from a ceramic block directly in the clinic.  Finally we place your new custom-fit restoration, during the same visit.  So easy!

Instead of your crown taking 2-3 weeks to make, you can have your treatment in one visit without using a messy impression tray, without any annoying provisional crown and with only one visit.

For us, CEREC stands for speed and comfort.

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dental crowns before photo
cracked teeth