CEREC same day crowns

CEREC is the latest technology designed to accurately restore your tooth with long lasting tooth coloured ceramic in one visit.

Traditional fillings placed directly in the mouth are plastic and it can be difficult to make a perfectly smooth and well-shaped restoration of your tooth.  The fillings may end up with weaknesses, voids, bubbles or overhanging margins that are difficult to clean and can be a further decay risk over time.  To overcome this, and especially for weak and extensively damaged teeth, your dentist would typically recommend a crown or ‘indirect restoration’.  This is when a stronger gold or ceramic tooth replacement is made outside of the mouth after taking an impression or mould of your tooth. Once the perfect shape and polish is achieved, the new crown is cemented over the damaged or weak tooth base.


CEREC utilises CAD-CAM technology so that a 3D scan of your tooth is digitally recorded on a computer. A pure ceramic crown is milled by a computer while you wait.  Instead of your crown taking 2 weeks to make, you can have your treatment in one visit without using an impression tray, without any annoying provisional crown and with only one injection.

For us, CEREC stands for speed and comfort.

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Work completed by Dr Marc Miller Before
Work completed by Dr Marc Miller 2018 After