Should You Get Dentistry Abroad?

With the increased pressures on the cost of living and the increased costs of many dental procedures in Australia, a lot of people have been drawn to the idea of dental holidays abroad.

The attraction of getting everything fixed up and a holiday as well for a lower price is obvious.  We would mostly caution people to think what happens if something goes wrong?  Repairing or replacing work can be devastating for patients and the original operating dentist doesn’t work under any protective laws of Australia.  Complex work should be planned thoroughly, and could take months to achieve the best outcome.  This can’t be achieved in a single visit. (see photos in our smile makeover section – the second case took over 5 months to complete!)

Costs of dentistry have risen for several reasons.  Increased infection control measures, more people wanting to save every tooth into old age instead of accepting dentures, and a shortage of dentists from funding shortfalls to the universities have all added to this dilemma.

At Nundah Village Dental we try to give all the options to a patient, and to spend the time deserved to tailor treatments to  suit a patient’s individual needs and desires- dental, financial and social.

Giving options gives patients back choice.  If you decide to opt for more complex treatment options, you can rest assures that we strive to achieve happy patients for life, not just for the duration of a holiday.  We offer warranties where appropriate and stand behind the principles of quality treatment, quality service, and professional conduct.