NNN Ceramic Veneers


a smile



A life changing smile! This patient had discoloured and worn teeth creating a tired and aged appearance corrected with beautifully translucent and natural looking porcelain veneers from NNN.  In 2020, Nundah Village Dental has been excited to welcome Dr Raghed Bashour to our team, the only recognized provider of NNN veneers in Oceania and a platinum provider.

With many years experience working at the best rated dental clinic in the UAE, Liberty Dental Clinic in Dubai, Dr Bashour brings a wealth of knowledge, professionalism, experience, and skills to anyone wanting to improve their smile. With the latest technology, Dr Bashour has a passion to help improve smiles with digital scanning, Digital Smile Design, laser dentistry, and implants. He has completed over 1,500 veneer cases in Dubai for patients who previously would travel from all over the world to seek treatment.

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