Root Canal Treatment Brisbane

Some signs to indicate you may need endodontic (root canal) treatment include:

  • Continuous pain.
  • Extreme or prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold.
  • Discomfort when chewing.
  • Discolouration of a tooth.
  • Facial swelling.

Sometimes you may have no symptoms at all, which is why regular check-up appointments with your dentist are so important.

Once infection or inflammation reaches the central pulp or nerve chamber of the tooth it can only be treated by endodontic treatment or by extracting the tooth. It is always better where possible to retain your own tooth than to replace it with something else. Keeping your own tooth helps preserve the bone in your jaw and is the most ideal anatomically.

Does Root Canal Treatment hurt?

Root canal treatment is a routine procedure in our practice. We have more patients falling asleep during this treatment than with any other and it should be completely painless as it is done under a local anaesthetic

What is the prognosis?

Statistically 90% of root treated teeth will still be present in 10 years. Studies have shown a higher success rate for root treated back teeth that are crowned versus filled as this creates a better bacterial seal and reduces the risk of the tooth splitting in half.

Your Safety and Costs

While still not commonplace in Australia, Nundah Village Dental has adopted a policy of single use of endodontic files for your safety. There are protocols for cleaning and sterilising of endodontic instruments, however it’s difficult to get consistency in results from these procedures.

Several government agencies around the world now recommend the single use of endodontic files due to concerns that re-used they may act as vehicle for disease transmission.

A considerable proportion of the cost in root canal treatment goes towards single use precision instruments. When we initially considered introducing single-use instruments, we asked ourselves ‘if we were the patient, what would we like used during our treatment?’

Once we answered that question, the decision seemed quite simple. We believe most patients are understanding that this higher cost ensures our patients enjoy better outcomes and the highest possible standard of care.


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