White Fillings

Replacement of broken and failing amalgam fillings – the larger molar will be best treated with a crown in the near future.

These two discoloured fillings were replaced in one simple appointment.  Note the cracks in the tooth structure around the old metal amalgam restoration.

The following shows decay under 2 old restorations replaced with tooth coloured filling

The small dark pit had decayed through to the base of this filling.

These small metal fillings over time can corrode and cause cracking of teeth.  Tooth coloured fillings are an ideal replacement here.


In 2017 we added the new technology of CEREC to our options for white fillings and crowns.  With Cerec the cavity is scanned with a 3D camera and the filling is milled out of a solid ceramic block.  this allows for much more accurate placement of fillings that have no gaps, voids and bubbles, and shape discrepancies compared to traditional direct filling placement.  Further info